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Lees carpet – How to have your cake-and those heavenly carpets by LEES

Adidas – The shoe that fits more than your foot

Publicité Papier L’EAU Minérale Konings Bronnen

Camel – Smooth character Corvette

Jamie o/six Scotch

Invaders from Mars – Movie poster

L’Oréal vintage ads

Chrysler – atoms from oak ridge come to Detroit ad 1951

Oposite – negative space use

Chicago world’s fair, a century of progress, expo poster, 1933

Chevrolet catalogue interior Illustrated by Harry Borgman 1962

Chesterfield – Ronald Reagan

Chesterfield cigarettes ad 1952

Chesterfield – Put a smile in your smoking! 1955

Chesterfield – Always yes – tried and true

Chesterfield – A firsthand report from a first-class reporter – 1944

Cheerios – A better breakfast gives you more GO power! 1948

Ducati Hypermotard

Hermes 3000 portable 1967

Heathkit catalog – One stop shopping

Thrift! American radiator company

Gourmet treasures serving pitcher

Giant bar candy ad 1948

Gem razors ad 1944

Gee, Mommy you sure enjoy your Marlboro

James Bond 007 – For your eyes only poster

Frigidaire wall owens

Fresh stick deodorant ad 1960

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Solar eclipse

Be happy – Go lucky, Lucky Strike

Barry london, Stanley Kubrick


Alice in wonderland, 2010

A.I., Artificial Intelligence, 2001

Frankenstein, The man who made a monster

Fight Club

In Fatima the Difference is Quality, Fatima


Great save’ is on, Everybody’s, June 1967, Harolds

Wear a Honda to match your lipstick!, 1967, Honda


Ellen Tracy

The All-New Diavel, Ducati

Diamonds are forever, James Bond 007

Creature from the Black Lagoon

With maximum sunburn protection – says Stella Stevens, Coppertone

Listen to sound, Sonora

In the war of oranges, Smirnoff

Sportswear for sportsmen, Jantzen

Sunbeam, Tiger V8

Two ways to say ”Merry Christmass, pleasant smoking!”, Camel

Smoke a Fresh cigarette, 1931, Camel

They don’t get your wind / Athletes say, Camel

Two-Fisted Movie Star … John Wayne, 1951, Camel

One of a kind. Camel

For more pure pleasure_have a Camel

Forever and ever, Lucky Strike

Why did you change to Camels, Paul Lukas?

Give dad his favorite Smoke, Camel

Yout T-zone will tell you, Camel

Bride 13

There’s no finer milk of any kind than Borden’s

Body Snatcher

Pin Up Car, 1939, B.M.W. Type 328

Captain America

Be a telephone Belle, Betty Barclay, 1960

Headache? Try BC, BC

Barbarella – Queen of the galaxy

Attack of the 50 foot woman

Aston Martin, DB3S Competition Car


Cool ray glasses, American Optical

Act of Valor

Lucky Strike, POS


New Dodge Challenger, Dodge, 1970

Red Tape, The Whisky

The Saturday Evening Post, Camels, Camel, 1944

Chanel No 5

Pirelli Custom Tyres

The New Dodge Lancer goes 4 door

Murray, Two wheelers

Glasspar Company

Atlas Fiber – Glass Inc.

Rocket 98, Great new Oldsmobile, 1951

Always Buy Chesterfield 1950s

Finest beer served … anywhere! Pabst, Blue Ribbon

88 Oldsmobile 1955

Old advertising for Oldsmobile car type 88

Philip Morris … Gentle for modern taste


From Russia with Love


More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette