SUNRISE AND VIADUCT Waiting for a train Drone

This is a throwback drone sunset video when I have traveled Slovakia, hiking with drone with old Phantom that I have borrowed from my friend. Many of the creators are struggling because of current situation and I have made this for them. Simply beautiful for coffee break and simple b roll for stay at home and watch.

The sheer elegance of this stone bridge, with the mountains and forest of the Gregor Valley in the background, make the Chmarošský Viaduct one of the most picturesque scenes in Slovakia. The viaduct is a magnificent piece of infrastructure. The railway bridge consists of nine arches, each over 30 feet wide. In total, the span is about 370 feet long and 60 feet high at its peak. Despite its ancient look, the railway bridge was built in the 1930s, and it is still in use today. It connects two tunnels along the Červená Skala-Margecany train track of the Telgártska loop, which is impressive in its own right. The curved spiral track ascends over 560 feet in altitude by traversing 40 feet of very rugged terrain.

Know Before You Go
Chmarošský Viadukt is clearly visible from the main road. Dirt tracks through the meadow lead directly to the viaduct. The viaduct is sometimes referred to as Telgárt Viadukt due to its proximity to the town of Telgárt.

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Credits: Slavomir Krestian

Made with love.


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